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Be Creative My Friend

Have you ever listened this famous Bruce Lee' sentence? One of the best ideas, for saving money, could be create our own decoration. For it, we will start with the most significant ornaments, flowers.

 In Greece and in Rome ,the sweethearts (couple lovers) wore flowers around their neck which  symbolized the new life, hope and fertility. These collars necklaces were made of herbs and spices, because thy thought the strong smells owned mystical powers and with them, they could dispel the bad spirits.

A few years after, the knights who participated in the crusades, watched in the brides who lived in the mountains. They were made of orange blossom, which was a purity symbol.
In 1840, when the Queen Victory got married Prince Albert of Sajonia, were used  edible flowers, as calenduda (known as lust herb), and after the bride and groom and the guets ate during the wedding.

 Nowadays , we use different flowers and forms. But, before choosing your wedding buquet,you should take into account the colours. Why? Because they must combine with your hair, skin and eyes, your bridal dress... But the most important, you have to remember that every flower has a meaning. So, what do you want to say?

Elegance: Acacias.
Purity: White Lily.
Love: roses. White Rose: dignity; red roses beauty ;
Calm, peace: Rose without thorn or azalea.
Loyalty: Veronica
Blue violet: confidence …

Now, I'm going to show you an easy way to make your own wedding bouquet:

As you watched, this could be a very personal and easy way of making your own wedding bouquet. It is used, tools that all of us we have at home. Only one difference,the satisfaction of the result. But, I advice you to practise before wedding, better safe than sorry.

If you'd like that typical image of children carrying the rings wearing floral headdress. You shouldn't lose this DIY. Without a doubt whatsoever, it a beautiful image that you will be able to remember in your photos.

And last but not least, we can't forget the decoration of our tables.

It can be a more laborious job, according to the number of guests that you have. But you cab take benefit of it,phoning your familiar and asking their help. You will share a beautiful moments.

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