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Wedding Dress

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   When we think about a wedding, we try remembering the white wedding dress. But, do you know the origin? And why do we choose this colour?

   Although we bear in mind that brides always wear white dress. It is not true, because we have to take into account the different ages and the different cultures. We are going to revise the different changes in the history.

   In the Greece culture the brides wore yellow dress.

   A  lot of years ago, in Rome the brides got married with the same tunic, that they used the rest of the days but they added a purple veil ornamented with flowers.

   In germanic villages, the brides wore a long and black tunic with a red cape.

   In the Middle Ages, they wore red dresses with golden decoration, since they symbolozed their status and power. On the contrary, in the Reanissance the colour was not important at all, but it has to be embroidered with pearls, jewels and diamonds.

   The muslim brides wear black tunic as a purity signal, while chinese and indian brides wear red dresses.

   The wedding dress was white from the ceremony of Queen Victory of England in 1840. She wore a spectacular white dress, which set the trend in fashion until now.

   The meaning of the colours in wedding dress:


The white colour: peace, purity, happiness and inocence.
The blue colour: Love will always be true.
The yellow colour: To sorry of your fellow. The red colour: the bride wishes her own death.
The pink colour:Your spirit will be sunk.
The green colour: Ashamed of being seen.
The brown colour: You will always live in the same place.
The black colour: You will wish yourself back.
The grey colour:You will go far away.
The pearl colour: You will live in a whirl.

   Although we have all these colours, I am very traditional and my favourite colour for a wedding dress is white. And you, what is your favourite colour? Tell us.

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