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Bridal Hairstyles 2013

     One of the most commented things in the weddings are the gown and the hairstyle. For that reason, I'm going to show you the different styles that you can wear in your wedding day.

  • The horse tail: It is one of the most popular hairdoes, as watched in catwalks. You must wear it very high and in its different modalities: classic, disheveled, curled. You can also complement it with headbangs, crowns, tiaras or another kind of ornaments.

  • The bun: It is the bet never fails in case of the brides. A simple dancer bun is a classic hairdo and always will have the guaranted success. This year, we can find different variations to take them, such as lateral buns complemented with a small haido. Incredible!

  • The disheveled look: If your style is not so formal, this is your look. It doesn't mind that is your wedding day you can add ornaments or a headbang, or nothing at all. This season try to avoid ornaments. Yes, it sounds vey strange. But that's fashion!!.

Finally, I want to give you a piece of advices: 

1st: Be yourself, don't feel like you wear a costume.You must wear a hairstyle according to your personality, or how you feel.
2nd: You should take into account your kind of hairstyle, according to your kind of. If your gown is simple, your hairstyle too.
3rd: Rememeber, theveil can be the perfect ornament.

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