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Romantic Movies

     Today I' thinking why most women when we are a little sad or depressed, we want to watch a romantic movie, go with  pop-corn and chocolate.

     But why do we wish to eat chocolate? Chocolate has a scientist explanation, since it contains endorfins which produce them when we eat chocolate, and they provide us a delightful feeling similar when we are in love. Moreover, the endorfins make ourselves feel very well. They give us hapiness and they delete the terrible stress.

    But. Why do we choose romantic movies, where the main character always is the victim of terrible events? I suppose that it's is because we know that the end is always happy, and we try to compare our terrible life in this moment with the terrible life of the character.

     I think that we must watch it when we are not sad. Although I personally love this kind of movies. I don't know why in the last years are very stupid, because you can discover the end of the movie almost at the begining of the movie. I love when you enjoy with this or you are expecting to discover the end.

Anyway, I'll continue watching these movies and I expect to be surprised.

What you think about the romantic movies??

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