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Travel On The Cheap

     Have you ever travelled on the cheap?. Although,I have never travelled in this way. I consider that it's a good way of knowing  the culture of a country, because you are not going to limit to do sightseeing. Anyway, I'm going to give you some tips, I think you should take into account if you travell in this way.

1st Check with the local office tourist if there are any special visitor's cards that will save you the entrance fees at museums and attractions. Also, ask when or if museums and galleries have free openings.

2nd Walk whenever possible instead of paying for buses or the underground, and check the cost of public transport if choosing a hostel or a B&B out of town.or inform you if there is a special travelcard dairy or one day.

3rd Buy a travelcard for the buses/trams/underground if staying long enough to make it worthwile (bring passport photos from home).

4th If you are staying in accomodation where breakfast is included; eat enough to keep you going for the day.This way, you can save money on lunch bills.

5th If you do get hungry during the middle of the day, set menus at lunchtime are far better value than dinner, so eat your main meal as a late lunch. And in Mediterranean countries, do as the locals do and drink your coffee at the bar.
6th If you are travelling by train or coach, take a picnic with you. Don't waste valuable cash on expensive, poor quality railway or motorway service station food. Take a plastic water bottle and keep re-filling it when you can.

7th If you want to do a route, and you are not more than 4, you can rent a car

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