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Are You Thinking To Learn Other Language?

     The importance of knowing languages is very important. Nowadays, if we want to have a better CV, is demanded to know other languages or if we love travelling, or if we want to know people from other cultures. Another important reason is health, and you are aking yourself, what is she saying?. According to the last scientist studies are said that how much language a person, she will have less probability of suffering alzheimer, because the neurones create as a net between the different words of the different languages, and it causes a  good job for the neurones.That is, if one person speaks two languages will have less possibilities than one person who only speak their native tongue, and so on...

     But what shoul we do to learn in the most appropriate way?

1st If you enroll in an academic course you should study everyday.

2nd You should practise with natives, because nobody knows their own language than a native. For it, you can do exchange language or go to an university, you will probably find an ad about natives who give lessons in a very economic way.

3rd The best for learning a language is to be in the country, because you will be inmerse in the language.

4th I advice you watch films in the original language. At the begining is probably you need subtitles, but after a certain time, you should avoid them.

5th Read as much as you can. It will enrich your vocabulary.

6th Everytime you can listen to music in the foreign language, it will help to improve the intonation and pronunciation.

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