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And Now...What Must I Do?

     Many times, we have taken into account that we have exposed to the sun for a long time. But we have thought, “there is no problem, because I have applied the enough quantity of cream”.But in the last years the sunlight is being very strong and you must watch your skin in a certain time. Because the consequences of the sunburnt are not very good for your skin.

     After this little scolding, you should move away the sun and have a cold shower. After you have two options, home remedy you can chop a tomato and slice it about the place where you have burnt. I told you the results are incredible.

     Other home remedy is the application of aloe vera, through the cut of its leaves and we apply in the sunburnt.

     If we prefer other remedies which are not made in home, we can apply a good aftersun or in case of being worried to go to a pharmacy and asking a good after sun.

Anyway, I'd like to remember these advices:

What to do:
To use sun-cream adequated to your skin.
To apply 30 minutes before going out to sunbathe.
Every 2 hours, you must renove your application.
If you swim, apply again.

What not to do:
To avoid the sun in the afternoon.
To avoid low sun cream.
To use light clothes.

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