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Henna Tatoo.

     I love tattoos but I am not able to do it, and every summer when I watch at the beach, people who are doing henna tattos, I think, I will do it someday. Once, I did it, but it was with Indian ink and it lasts 3 days. For this reason, this week I am going to research all the information for doing a henna tatto but at home.

     Ingredients  for doing the henna mixture:

Pine oil, it is going to intensify the colour of the henna.(I prefer black colour)
Sugar (it is very useful for our skin admits the henna)
A plastic recipient is not possible to do the mixture in a metal recipient.
Plastic for wrapping the mixture.

How to do the mixture?.

     1st: To choose the design for knowing the quantity of mixture that we are going to need. If the mesure design is about 5/10 cms will contain a coffe spoon of henna. For a whole arm will be necessary 200 grs.

2nd: Once decided the design we are going to prepare the mixture. We will mix  all the  ingredients except sugar and pine oil. We will move without stopping without forming any lumps.

3rd: We will know that the mixture is ready when its appearance is similar to  toothpaste and if we take a spoon won't drop something.It mustn't be liquid.

4th: Now we will heat some water with sugar and we will add to our mixture moreover some drops of the pine oil, if youy don't like you can opt for lavender oil.

5th: We will cover our paste with a plastic and we will keep far from heat. And we will maintain 24 hours. Once spent the time, we can do our henna tattoo.

Don't use black henna, because it is toxic for our skin or hair henna for henna is for hair not for skin.

And now show your henna tattoo!

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