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The Veil

     Before introducing in the world of the veil, we are going to discover the origin of the veil and why it has become an esential complement of many brides. The veil has also a relevant moment during the ceremony. When it is risen. The groom is the only person who can rise it. This is a beautiful moment when the couple look at their eyer each other and after say the expected sentence: “Yes, I do”

     Their origin comes from the past when people believed in evil spirits. They thought they could be around to ruin the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a veil to cover her face. In this way, evil spirits would not know who was the bride. Likewise, bridesmaid were made part of the ceremony to surround the bride, so evil spirits would be confused about who the actual bride was, and leave. Many couples today still honor these customs, but use the veil to hide the bride's face until it is first revealed to her groom. The bridesmaids are chosen to help the bride celebrate her happy day. This is also true for the ushers to celebrate with the groom.

     Although we are getting used to think the veil has always been white, this is not true. As we told in the review about the colour of the dress, where we discover that there are many colours according to the culture or the election of the bride. With the veil happens the same. In some cultures used the veil to transmitt messages. For example the yellow veil was a virginity proof, while blue in honour to the Virgin.

 And you?. Are you going to use this ornament?, white?, other colours?. Tell us.

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