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Different Types Of Veil

     Have you decided to use a veil but you don't know what size choose?. Don't worry, i'm going to explain you the different types of veil that exist in the market and which is the most appropriate choice.

Shoulder length: This style of veil is the extended version of the bouffant veil, sitting below the shoulder, reaching up to the armpit of the bride. It totally depends entirely on the choice of the bride, which veil she wants to use on the wedding day.

Blusher: The incorrect conception is that the blusher is a bouffant or the shoulder length veil. However, blusher is the piece of veil that covers the face only. Blusher can be attached to any type of veil. Or the other way round, the bride may decide not have a blusher at all. A blusher is generally 18 inches in length.

Elbow lenght: The veil falling just at the elbow is also considered as a short length veil and looks very pretty in young brides in twenties with strapless wedding gown. Fingertip length:this type of veil ends at the fingertips of the bride. It suits brides of all ages and with all type of wedding gowns. Fingertip veil is more suitable for the brides on the heavier side, if they are keen on shorter length veil.

Waltz length: This model was very popular in 1800's and 1920, they are very classic and elegant. The veil falls to touch the floor or just an inch above the floor, according to the length of the wedding gown. This veil will accentuate the femininity in you. 

Chapel length: This is classic, elegant and sophisticated. As per the tradition, the length of the veil must be similar to the train of the wedding gown. However, it is not hard and fast rule. In fact, 108 inches in length, the chapel veil creates a soft romantic and graceful look, even if the gown falls pretty well on the floor without a train.

Cathedral length: 144 inches long, cathedral veil is one of the most elegant and classic yet cumbersome type of veils considering the length of it. The bride needs the help of the bridesmaids to lift it while walking and to place it while standing or getting the pictures clicked. The modern brides prefer shorter veils to be comfortable throughout the ceremony to enjoy the most special day of their lives. But, if you can carry it, cathedral veil is the most picture perfect and beautiful veil to wear it on your wedding. It's very typical to find it in royal weddings.

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