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How to Organise a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party?

     Yes, it sounds incredible, your best close friend has just told you he/she is getting married, and from that moment you are thinking you want to organise the best party in the world. But, it's the first time I am going to prepare this kind of events and I don't know. Wait a minute! Relax.

     It's something hard but it is worth the effort, you are going to organise an event which is going to be remembered all his/her life. For that reason you will have to take into account many details. I am going to make a reference of things you have to bear in mind to prepare it!.

1.The planning:
     Choose the day, the place, the money you are going to need and the different activities which you are going to do. Structure the time. But remember if you don't accomplish with the schedule, it doesn't mind. The important is you enjoy with the party.

2.The date:
     Please don't do it before the wedding day. It's a better idea to fix, for example a pair of weeks before. One idea is to do a survey with all the meeting attendees for fixing the date. In this case we can take advantage of the technology. You can use facebook , iphone applications (QpixL ). This application is great because when you finish you can publish the results on facebook or twiter or android applications (form vote).

3.Bride/groom personality:
     This is the most important thing you have to take into account, although you are organising the party, is not for you. According the personality of the bride/groom you can opt to do the different things.

     Choose the cloth you are going to wear. Or the costume the bride/groom is going to wear. One idea could be, if you decide to disguise the bride/groom, this will adapt the personality of their character.

And remember, don't annoy much the bride/ groom because you can be the next.

5. Photos: 

     Remember to carry a photos camera to immortalize the moment. 

And last but not least: Enjoy!!

Have you ever been to a bachelor/bachelorette party? Tell us.

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