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Bye, Bye My Dear Hair!!

     As we were speaking in the previous reviews, the summer is here and now we start to remember all the things that we have been delaying. One of them is the hair removal, that we are normally conscious when the tights are out and we want to wear our favourite skirt or dress. Don't worry, in the last times, we can find many methods for removing our hair, but, I'm going to analyze which method is the best for you.

     Laser or Pulsed Light. It's one of the most popular ways to remove your hair is via laser or pulsed light. It is made by energy which goes through the shaft down to the follicle, and in this way it is destroyed the hair's root. It's not immediately but the laser weakens the hair until the fall of this. It requires a treatment of 5 or 7 sessions and their price costs around $150 and 500. It depends the number of sessions you are required.

     Now, we are going to treat the specifications of this treatment. It can be done in anywhere of our body, and the ideal people for this treatment are according to the kind of skin, so I'm going to tell you which option is best for you. For it, we must identify which is your tone skin.

Type I: This kind of skin always gets sunburned. It is never tanned. Ex. Caucasian with freckles or pale albino. It is advised ruby laser.

Type II: This kind of skin are tanned the minimun.Ex. Caucasian with light skin. It is advised ruby laser.

Type III: They sometimes get sunburned.They are tanned very slowly. Ex.Caucasian, darker European. It is advised  alejandrita laser.

Type IV:It is strange that this skin gets sunburned and they are tanned.Ex. Mediterranean- American, European and Asian.  It is advised alejandrita laser.

Type V: They have a great tolerance to the sun. Ex.Amerindian, Afroamerican. It is advised ned yag.
Type VI: The sun doesn't affect them. Ex. Afroamerican, African.It is advised ned yag.
The most advisable skin are type III and IV. Because the laser acts in a best way. But in the clinique, they will tell you which is the most adviseable treatment. As much as the light and darkest are the less adviseable for this treatment.

You have to pay attention if you heal in a bad way, because it can produce keloids.

Electrolysis: This kind of treatment has been forgotten since the apparition of laser. But it is adviseable in some cases, such as when your skin creates keloids or if you are going to apply the laser in a part of your body where you have a tattoo, because it can be burnt due to the lack of accuracy, or the adviseable distance between the laser and the tattoo must be of 2 cm, and if the tattoo is bigger, we will have a part with hair, so I recommend you the electrolysis. It is called permanent for the treatment is used a tiny needle that slides down into the hair follicle until it reaches the cells which is responsible of the hair growth. Unlike laser it can be painful, but it is used anesthetic cream.the number of sessions are around 10 or 25. And their price is about $40 or 90 by session. It can be done anywhere on the body but it is more popular on the face.

As I have commented before the darkest skin is the most problematic to treat, and in the case of this skin can produce keloids too.

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