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Do You Know Argan Oil?

     Today, I'm going to tell you about other great natural product, which I suppose many of us know. I'm speaking about argan oil. As you know, if you have been reading other reviews, I love natural products, and the benefits of this, because it is healthier than other products. And if we take advantages of this kind of products, why are not we going to use them?.

     It's a product used by berbers, which have been used as in their food as in their skin and hair.

     The argan oil is a source of benefits and their properties are used as in the cosmetics as in pharmacy.
It is used in body treatment to to combat the effects of time or weather that it is incredible as witrh cold weather the skin suffers the time. Therefore, we can use against the wrinkles.

     As it has a great nutritive power, it helps to delete the acne or chickenpox scars, or stretch marks.

The use of the argan oil for hair it helps to recover the shine.

Is any argan oil useful for us?:

No. We have to take into account that this product is very demanded in the last years, due to the great advertising of the occidental markets. As consequence, the oil producers buy seeds to any local producer without any guarantee of procedence.

What should we take into account? (if we want to know that it is 100% oil pure)

The absence of  toast smell.
The golden colour similar to the apricot.
The ability of pentrating into the skin without greasing it.

So, if you want to take the benefits of this product, try it and tell us.

I Hate My Stretch Marks

     One of the great aesthetic problems that suffer many women are the stretch mark, caused by the pregnancy or simply by the loss of weight. Although it can be sufferd by men and women, women have much more possibilities to have them.

     They are the result of breaking the elastic skin fiber, that is, when we stretch too much our skin, some fibers are broken creating what we call stretch marks. The main causes are the lack of nutrition or a bad diet

     At the begining these marks have a pinkish colour and a little bit of volume, nevertheless,as time went by they are plane and white.

     The parts of the body where they used to appear are the thighbustbuttock, hips and arms.
And now the great question: Can we delete it?.

     Nowadays, there are not any treatment which delete them in the whole way. They can be reduced and get a satisfactory aspect. But,one very important  aspect to take into account is the kind of skin, because not all the skin work in the same way, as I told you in the past review about the hair removal by laser. 


     The best results have been got with the combination of two treatments microneedling and laser, which reduces the visbility of the stretch mark.The microneedling is a roller with very small needles which break the fibrosis of the stretch and help to produce new skin and the laser change the aspect of the marks.

     We can also use natural treatment, but they are only to improve the appearance not to delete. We can use cream or oil rosehip which help with the scars.


And Now...What Must I Do?

     Many times, we have taken into account that we have exposed to the sun for a long time. But we have thought, “there is no problem, because I have applied the enough quantity of cream”.But in the last years the sunlight is being very strong and you must watch your skin in a certain time. Because the consequences of the sunburnt are not very good for your skin.

     After this little scolding, you should move away the sun and have a cold shower. After you have two options, home remedy you can chop a tomato and slice it about the place where you have burnt. I told you the results are incredible.

     Other home remedy is the application of aloe vera, through the cut of its leaves and we apply in the sunburnt.

     If we prefer other remedies which are not made in home, we can apply a good aftersun or in case of being worried to go to a pharmacy and asking a good after sun.

Anyway, I'd like to remember these advices:

What to do:
To use sun-cream adequated to your skin.
To apply 30 minutes before going out to sunbathe.
Every 2 hours, you must renove your application.
If you swim, apply again.

What not to do:
To avoid the sun in the afternoon.
To avoid low sun cream.
To use light clothes.


Henna Tatoo.

     I love tattoos but I am not able to do it, and every summer when I watch at the beach, people who are doing henna tattos, I think, I will do it someday. Once, I did it, but it was with Indian ink and it lasts 3 days. For this reason, this week I am going to research all the information for doing a henna tatto but at home.

     Ingredients  for doing the henna mixture:

Pine oil, it is going to intensify the colour of the henna.(I prefer black colour)
Sugar (it is very useful for our skin admits the henna)
A plastic recipient is not possible to do the mixture in a metal recipient.
Plastic for wrapping the mixture.

How to do the mixture?.

     1st: To choose the design for knowing the quantity of mixture that we are going to need. If the mesure design is about 5/10 cms will contain a coffe spoon of henna. For a whole arm will be necessary 200 grs.

2nd: Once decided the design we are going to prepare the mixture. We will mix  all the  ingredients except sugar and pine oil. We will move without stopping without forming any lumps.

3rd: We will know that the mixture is ready when its appearance is similar to  toothpaste and if we take a spoon won't drop something.It mustn't be liquid.

4th: Now we will heat some water with sugar and we will add to our mixture moreover some drops of the pine oil, if youy don't like you can opt for lavender oil.

5th: We will cover our paste with a plastic and we will keep far from heat. And we will maintain 24 hours. Once spent the time, we can do our henna tattoo.

Don't use black henna, because it is toxic for our skin or hair henna for henna is for hair not for skin.

And now show your henna tattoo!

Bye, Bye My Dear Hair!!

     As we were speaking in the previous reviews, the summer is here and now we start to remember all the things that we have been delaying. One of them is the hair removal, that we are normally conscious when the tights are out and we want to wear our favourite skirt or dress. Don't worry, in the last times, we can find many methods for removing our hair, but, I'm going to analyze which method is the best for you.

     Laser or Pulsed Light. It's one of the most popular ways to remove your hair is via laser or pulsed light. It is made by energy which goes through the shaft down to the follicle, and in this way it is destroyed the hair's root. It's not immediately but the laser weakens the hair until the fall of this. It requires a treatment of 5 or 7 sessions and their price costs around $150 and 500. It depends the number of sessions you are required.

     Now, we are going to treat the specifications of this treatment. It can be done in anywhere of our body, and the ideal people for this treatment are according to the kind of skin, so I'm going to tell you which option is best for you. For it, we must identify which is your tone skin.

Type I: This kind of skin always gets sunburned. It is never tanned. Ex. Caucasian with freckles or pale albino. It is advised ruby laser.

Type II: This kind of skin are tanned the minimun.Ex. Caucasian with light skin. It is advised ruby laser.

Type III: They sometimes get sunburned.They are tanned very slowly. Ex.Caucasian, darker European. It is advised  alejandrita laser.

Type IV:It is strange that this skin gets sunburned and they are tanned.Ex. Mediterranean- American, European and Asian.  It is advised alejandrita laser.

Type V: They have a great tolerance to the sun. Ex.Amerindian, Afroamerican. It is advised ned yag.
Type VI: The sun doesn't affect them. Ex. Afroamerican, African.It is advised ned yag.
The most advisable skin are type III and IV. Because the laser acts in a best way. But in the clinique, they will tell you which is the most adviseable treatment. As much as the light and darkest are the less adviseable for this treatment.

You have to pay attention if you heal in a bad way, because it can produce keloids.

Electrolysis: This kind of treatment has been forgotten since the apparition of laser. But it is adviseable in some cases, such as when your skin creates keloids or if you are going to apply the laser in a part of your body where you have a tattoo, because it can be burnt due to the lack of accuracy, or the adviseable distance between the laser and the tattoo must be of 2 cm, and if the tattoo is bigger, we will have a part with hair, so I recommend you the electrolysis. It is called permanent for the treatment is used a tiny needle that slides down into the hair follicle until it reaches the cells which is responsible of the hair growth. Unlike laser it can be painful, but it is used anesthetic cream.the number of sessions are around 10 or 25. And their price is about $40 or 90 by session. It can be done anywhere on the body but it is more popular on the face.

As I have commented before the darkest skin is the most problematic to treat, and in the case of this skin can produce keloids too.