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Do You Know Argan Oil?

     Today, I'm going to tell you about other great natural product, which I suppose many of us know. I'm speaking about argan oil. As you know, if you have been reading other reviews, I love natural products, and the benefits of this, because it is healthier than other products. And if we take advantages of this kind of products, why are not we going to use them?.

     It's a product used by berbers, which have been used as in their food as in their skin and hair.

     The argan oil is a source of benefits and their properties are used as in the cosmetics as in pharmacy.
It is used in body treatment to to combat the effects of time or weather that it is incredible as witrh cold weather the skin suffers the time. Therefore, we can use against the wrinkles.

     As it has a great nutritive power, it helps to delete the acne or chickenpox scars, or stretch marks.

The use of the argan oil for hair it helps to recover the shine.

Is any argan oil useful for us?:

No. We have to take into account that this product is very demanded in the last years, due to the great advertising of the occidental markets. As consequence, the oil producers buy seeds to any local producer without any guarantee of procedence.

What should we take into account? (if we want to know that it is 100% oil pure)

The absence of  toast smell.
The golden colour similar to the apricot.
The ability of pentrating into the skin without greasing it.

So, if you want to take the benefits of this product, try it and tell us.

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  1. I only tried argan oil before and used it on face too..not sure what is the results but the texture is not oily as expected.. PuraDorOil.Com