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I Hate My Stretch Marks

     One of the great aesthetic problems that suffer many women are the stretch mark, caused by the pregnancy or simply by the loss of weight. Although it can be sufferd by men and women, women have much more possibilities to have them.

     They are the result of breaking the elastic skin fiber, that is, when we stretch too much our skin, some fibers are broken creating what we call stretch marks. The main causes are the lack of nutrition or a bad diet

     At the begining these marks have a pinkish colour and a little bit of volume, nevertheless,as time went by they are plane and white.

     The parts of the body where they used to appear are the thighbustbuttock, hips and arms.
And now the great question: Can we delete it?.

     Nowadays, there are not any treatment which delete them in the whole way. They can be reduced and get a satisfactory aspect. But,one very important  aspect to take into account is the kind of skin, because not all the skin work in the same way, as I told you in the past review about the hair removal by laser. 


     The best results have been got with the combination of two treatments microneedling and laser, which reduces the visbility of the stretch mark.The microneedling is a roller with very small needles which break the fibrosis of the stretch and help to produce new skin and the laser change the aspect of the marks.

     We can also use natural treatment, but they are only to improve the appearance not to delete. We can use cream or oil rosehip which help with the scars.

1 Sweet Comments:

  1. Rubbing is key in expanding blood flow in zones where stretch denote have a
    tendency to improve and hence more water and supplements will achieve this place. This will successfully decrease the plausibility of stretch marks treatments happening.