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Are You Doing A Pis?

     Oh my god!. Have you ever thought if I were a man...when you are at the disco and you have to wait those eternal queues for doing a pis. I have felt envy of the boys many times, because they can do it in any place, but we have to look for a wc...

     I have just discovered this invent, and at the begining i have thought: oh! What a disgusting thing!!. But, when I have reflected, I realize that I will envy the boys nevermore.


     The shewee consists on plastic funnels, available in five colours including bright pink and 'desert sand', which allow women to relieve themselves while standing at a urinal like a man.

     This original invent is an original female portable urine device since 1999 allows women to urinate whilst standing & without removing clothes. Ideal for camping, walking, skiing, climbing, traffic jams, travelling, unhygienic public toilets & much more. No more uncomfortable squatting or bare bottoms!

     The material is polypropylene (Shewee is manufactured in natural polypropylene because this is the most environmentally friendly plastic- it can be recycled more easily than other plastics) Cleaning: Urine is sterile as it leaves the body- so you don’t have to clean your Shewee after every use. However, Shewee can be cleaned by machine or hand and withstands temperatures of up to 120°C.

     The gadget has since proved a hit with celebritiess and festival goers who want to avoid sitting down to relieve themselves in dirty toilets.

And you, did you know it? Would you use it?.

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