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Have You Got The Ideal Sunglasses?

     This year I have decided to buy a good sunglasses, because I have been reading the effects of using a bad sunglasses. But, i don't find which are the ideal model for my face. Do you happen the same?.

     I'm going to give you a piece of advices to take into account, before buying your next sunglasses.
First of all, the glasses colour is very important.
Brown: if you suffer from myopia, this will be your glass.
Green: the best option if you go to the beach.
Grey: they are indicated for driving.
Pink: if you are going to be in a very few lit place.
Yellow/orange: they are very good for cloudy days.
Blue/violet: They are only  used for aesthetic, they are not good for your eyes.

Once analyzed the colours, we are going to take into account our faces.

Round face: The best option would be to councel the shape of your face, for it, you should use sunglasses with thick frames in rectangular or square shape, which cover the width of the cheekbones, since they will allow to hide his roundness and to create a subtle effect of stretching.

Square face: We are going to try of smoothing this kind of faces. In this case we will suggest round or oval frames are ideal as well as those of irregular corners as the Ray-Ban which were used in 80's. Be careful with the square frames! They create an effect of major force in the face.

Oval face: In this case, the options are much more wide, since the types of glasses fit them well, only it is necessary to bear in mind the proportion, if your face is oval but small you should avoid too big frames., in general the lenses of a reasonable size for your face will shine well in you independently of the form

Diamond face: The oval frames fit very well, or with some circular element, since squared with round contours. The glasses without frames are perfect and it is advisable. You should avoid  sunglasses with too thick frames since the idea is to compensate the form of the face with the design of the glasses.

Triangles face: The frames curled up are very favouring, the rectangular models with round completions and the broad glasses are recommended for this type of face, specifically those of type aviator shine very well. The suggestion is to avoid the square mounts

     After of this information, i hope you find your ideal sunglasses. I will keep on my search!.

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