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Would You Like That Your Couple Could Feel The Same Than You?

     Yesterday, I was watching Huggies nappies'adverstisement and I have thought that it is one of the most beautiful idea that one of the nappies producers have made.

     If you haven't watched, you can watch it in this link:

    The closer example that I have is when my sister was pregnant. All my family were so excited and we wanted to listen to the typical kicks of the baby. But, as you know it is not possible when you want.  or when I listened to my brother-in-law as he said to me: If I could feel the same what she feel, I could understand her in a best way“.

     They have made it possible thanks a belt which is connected to the mother 's belly and they send a signal with the movements and kicks of the baby. 

     I have to say that when I watched this advertisement; I felt wery  excited, and I imagined myself as one of the characters of the advertisement and how I could share with my boyfriend these feelings which I think that they are simply unique.

      I'd like to thank this company for being possible that these people could experiment these moments.

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