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I Hate Stereotypes, And You?

I am irritated everytime I read or listen some man using this sentence: “had to be a woman”.But in many occasions we are the guilty of these chauvinist men, as we can watch in many advertisements.

I'm going to ennumerate the most known stereotypes:

1.    Woman can't drive or park properly. That is not true. It depends of the use. If you drive a car everyday, you won't have any problems, but many times women are not getting use to drive, because they needn't and most drivers are men. For that reason, I think that is only probability. I hate when you are driving and you commit a mistake and the man doesn't doubt in blowing the horn and he says “it had to be a woman” .

2.    Woman are the weak gender, why?, because we have less strength than them. Every time I listen to  this, I remember when they are ill, that it's like if they were going to die. Do you imagine a pregnant man?. 

3.    Woman love talking and they love talking too.And the most curious thing is that when someone thinks in gossips, they always imagine a woman when the most gossip are men.

4.    Women are whiner. The reason are beacuse are more empathetic than men.

5.    Slim women are more attractive. This is the great lie of the world. It is shown that man prefer a woman with curves. It's the fashion world which tris to sell a slim woman.

6.    Women prefer a rich man,this is not true. Perhaps, it is taken into account because they are the real administrators in the family.


What stereotype do you hate? Tell us.

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