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Nails Art: Do It Yourself.

     Do you like to be different but you dont want to invest in it too much money. Don't worry, I'm going to show you a way of doing in an original way and you will be able to exhibit the most beautiful nails which you can create it in your like and the best of all , the satisfaction of doing yourself.

What are we going to need?
  1. one plastic glass
  2. water
  3. nail polishes
  4. toothpick
  5. scotch tape
and the most important...

our imagination!!

How are we going to do it?

     1st of all. We are going to cover our fingers with the scotch tape to protect them of the nail polish.of course without covering our nails.
      2nd. We are going to drop some of water in the plastic glass.

     3rd. One drop of nail polish will be applied to the water, and after with other colour of nail polish we will applied another drop and so on, until we consider it is enough.

     4th. We will take our toothpick and we will do different forms.

     5th. We will get into our fingers in the plastic water and we will print the form of the glass in our nails, and when it is dry we will retire the scocth tape.

And show off your nails in front of your friends, family or who you want!!

Let us know your creations!!.

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