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DIY: Your Tatoo.

     A few weeks ago, I was writing about tattoos. But today, I'd like to tell you what I have discovered in the stationery shop of my local area. Do you remember the transfer that we set in our skin when we were children. Today I'd like to present you the Ederbhard Faber's markers for temporary tattoos. 

     The advantages of these kind of tattos is that you don't have to regret if you don't like the place, the design or tatto itself. You can wear when you want because you can delete it when you want, and they are dermatologically tested for all kind of skins.

     How to draw it?

     This package contains 4 markers of different colous (green,brown, black and red with different sizes) and motive stickers on blistercard. But if you draw well you can draw it yourself or another idea is you copy from your screen to a paper and draw with a marker, cut it and after you can draw it  with the form on your skin.

    The price is not expensive, not more 10$ but you can find them on internet to a best price. How long will they be on my skin?: no more than 60 hours. How to delete it?: with soap and water.

Surprise us with your creations.

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