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Do You Believe In The Prince Charming?

     I don't know why, but all our mothers have told us the typical fairy tale where everything finish being perfect. The worst thing is that it is implicit in our mind and we look for our life. In our teenage years, when we start having our first relations and later we continue feeding our dream with romantic films.

     Fortunately, in this kind of films don't sell us the perfect man, but the man who is perfect for us.That is the message that I want to give you.If you haven't found yet,I should ask you. Do you want what you want?Or you are only expecting that he comes to your life. If you say to me, I think that is a bad answer because if this was the case, how would you know that he is your ideal couple?. For this reason, I want to recomend you that first of all, we should really know what we want in our life.

     OK, first homework done, now we have to look for our Prince Charming.If you don't find in the first attempt, be quiet, relax. If you have more couples, you will have more possibilities.

     I advice you that you will bear in your mind this rule. The perfect lover should be your friend, lover and confidant.

     Why? Because with a friend you enjoy, you want to share your happiness and your sadness, all the important moments of your life. Your lover this is very important aspect in a relation, you need a lover in your life, someone who loves you and you love him, and the sex will come, and the confident because one of the most important aspect in a relation is the communication. If you don't communicate, you will have a problem, because the misunderstood, and the aspects that you don' like won't be communicated and they will be the chief in breaking your relation.

     It doesn't mind if we believe or not in the prince charming.we have to be open-minded and be ready to have any relation. We should avoid the topics because we can lose our love.

We have to enjoy the moment “carpe diem”, and whatever it may be help to grow and mature.

I wish you luck in your search.

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