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Fairy Tales

     Did you agree the hidden message of the fairy tales? When I was writing the previous review, I was remembering the old fairy tales that my mother told me when I was a child. But, I have never thought about the concepts that was imposed in our minds, due to these tales.

     When someone speaks us about their stepmother, we are going to imagine a terrible person, due to the imagine of these characters. For example the stepmother of Snow White or Cinderella.

     The image of the Prince, as a beautifull, tall, slim and intelligent, such as Barbie's boyfriend, Ken. Because we don't rememeber the character of the Prince of Shrek, where DreamWorks changed the whole image of this. And the image of the princess is the same, I think that has caused many problems in the mind of many women, with the obsesson of being perfect.

The main character is the victim of a misfortune...

The antagonist is in the most of times a woman, which has terrible powers which uses to damage. That is the witch, and to the contrary the hero is a man who comes from bloodline and he normally focuses his attention in a beggar or common woman.

The woman is always weak and naive, becase she is lied and the man has to rescue her.

If the protagonist needs to be helped, he will be receive the support of people exiled of the society.

     Other example of the bad message which sens us this kind of literature is you can't do something to change your fate, the support will always come from other and normally their magic.

     Anyway, I think after this brief reflection. We should take care with this kind of tales, and  who tell us to. And, of course, reading other kind of tales where any person can get what he/she wants. Do you still think in fairy tales? Tell us your opinion.

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