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Do You Want To Touch Up Your Hair Roots & You Don't Want To Go To The Hairdresser's?

     Here, I give you my solution, as I told you. I decided to colour my hair, but after certain washes your colour is not the same, and of couse the hair roots are being watched by all people. I know that grunge people like this style, but I don't like in myself.

     Anyway, I'm going to tell you, my secret, which I invented the past Friday. I had a terrible root hair, but I didn't feel like colouring nor time. So, I tried to do something... When I colour myself, I had the habit of keeping a little of colour, in case of I have to touch up my hair roots. For it, I heep the packing of the colour, very well closed in a dark place, in a wardrobe.

     I mixed the two ingredients, the colour cream and the liquid and I added the quantity of shampoo for doing two washes, and I shook it, after I appplied as if it was a shampoo, but respecting the time that a colour has to be, and surprise!!when you rinse off your hair. It has been coloured.

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