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Wedding Traditions

We have always listened to our elders saying “If you are going to get married, you can't forget wearing something blue, something old, something lent and of course something new”. But, why?It is an old tradition where every aspect has a meaning.

 Something blue: The origin of this tradition comes from Israel, where the bride wears in her hair a blue ornament, which represents fidelity. In England, it is said “those wearing in blue have true love.” In other countries is used in a blue garter, because in the Secession War was a virginity symbol.


Something old: It is used for showing the sense of the continuity in the life. It represents the family and friends ties. The customs will be the same, only we will adapt to the new changes. The old symbolizes our life which left behind. It is very common to use a familiar jewel.

   Something new: this means the hope of the best future. The new always represents a change and the renew of the spirit. It symbolizes the new life whish starts. It is normally the dress, the underwear.

Something borrowed: It symbolises the friendship. It is used a jewel, a handkerchief... It refers the old superstition that happiness can come from someone who is happy.

If you follow all the traditions you will have a very lucky marriage. Are you a tradionalist or do you prefer creating your own traditions? Tell us.

Image Source: Jill Thomas

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