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Wedding or Mortgaging?

 Money, money and much more money. Probably, if we think about a wedding 20 years ago, it will be very different from a current wedding. In the last years, when we think about a wedding implies a series of expenses, such as: Dress, rental car, hotels, bridal memories, travel and wedding photographers…But, it is not true.

We are going to show you different ways of celebrating your wedding without the necessity of mortgaging.

The most important thing is to focus in your priorities for celebrating an unforgettable wedding. One of the most important priorities will be saving your money. Remember! Luxury does not mean a best wedding. 

Basics aspects to take into account:

Compare: Once you choose your priorities, you should look for the best price.
Guests: Adjust your money and invite the indispensable guests.
Invitations: Our web offers you a personal, funny and cheap way of having an original wedding invitations.
Bride dress: Internet offers you a great quantity of low cost designers. You cantake a glance in ebay.
Groom suit: the suit of the groom is easier because he will be able to rent it or take a glance in ebay too.
Flowers: you have to take into account to use season flowers. In this way, the florist will be able to offer you a best price.
Photos: This day will be special for all the guests, so you could buy some throw-away cameras and give your guests. In this funny way, your guests will enjoy taking photos and you will be able to have much more experiences of your wedding.
And last but not least,
The celebration: This is the most expensive items in our budget. In many occasions, we have imagined our great day going in a limousine to a luxury hotel, with a band of music, and much more details. But it is not the most important. You should remember what you are celebrating with your loved ones, a very special day for you, and the place is not so important, but the event. For this reason any place could be the best one. You can prepare a picnic, a day in the beach, or any other idea.

Photo Credit: Photographs by Anjuli

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