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Tell Me Your Body And I'll Tell Your Wedding Dress


If you are reading this article, you have realized the shape of your body is very important when you choose your clothes. Even if you have decided to be right, let me give you some advices. 

First of all we are going to distinguish the different bodies that there are, and the different features has each one to identify which our shape is.

1st Triangle/Pear Shape:

If you have this kind of body the width of your chest is proportionately narrower than your hips.You typically have narrow shoulders.The bottom half of your body is generally fuller. (Hips, thighs, butt)
 As you know you must avoid narrow clothes in the bottom half of your body, because they can give the imprresion that youhave extra weight. If you use pleats, they must be from your hips.
The best option will be an empire wedding dress. If you choose the drapped top and the skirt bell-bottomed will stand out your curves with delicacy.

                                    Source: by Courtesy of Amsale

2nd Hourglass Shape:

The bodies with this kind of shape will have the measurements of bustline and hip-line equals with a well defined waist. The top and bottom halves of your body are equal.
 The best option for you will be a strapless gown with lace beadwork. It will adapt you on your hip and straight skirt.


3rd Rectangle Shape:

The measurements of bustline and hip-line are equal but they have little or no definition to the waist. Slim legs and arms and the appearance of having no hips.
All the dresses will fit you, but the best option will be laced/flounced/pleated/gathered gowns. You must avoid tight-fitting dress because it will stand out your absence of curves.
A greek tunic could be another option.


4th Inverted Triangle Shape:

Large bust and broad shoulders are proportionally. Narrow hips and slim legs.
The best option willl be to focus on the skirt, please try to be simple in your top.For your skirt you should use assymmetric skirts.


I hope all this information will help you to decide your best gown.

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