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Love Is In The Air...♪♫♪

As it sounded in the song, love is in the air. And now is the moment for speaking about love. Many people go crazy with the Saint Valentine's day. Although from my humble point of view, this day is not a love party because love is like a plant, it takes time to grow but when you stop caring for it, it slowly dies. And Saint Valentine's Day is only a day. Moreover its origin was commercial. If we stop to think, what we do on Saint Valentine' s Day, is to give a present or detail our love, don't we? Therefore, we can only show our feeling this day. I prefer thinking that everyday of the year is Saint Valentine, like in the movie The Notebook, I still remember when i watched it, I couldn't stop crying. It's so beautiful!!

Anyway, the most important thing is to respect the ideals of everyone.You decide if  you want to celebrate your love this day or the rest of the year.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity for sharing the sweetest demonstration love which I have ever read.

I worked as a teacher at a school and I taught several children”. One of them asked:
"Teacher, what is love?".
And I felt that the child deserved an answer as high as the question which had formulated For answering I had an idea and I proposed to bring something which considerated love from the playground.
When they come back, I asked them to show me what they have brought.
The first student said, "I have brought this flower,it is so cute,isn't it?
The second student said: "I have brought this butterfly, watch the colorful wings I will put in my collection."
The third student added: "I brought this pigeon that fell from its nest, it is beautiful, isn't it?
And so the boys, one by one, they placed what they had gathered from the playground.
After several explanation and objects,I noticed that one of the girls had brought nothing and had been in silent all the time, and I couldn't avoid to ask: Why haven't you brought something?
Haven't you found anything?".
The girl shyly replied: "Excuse me, teacher I saw a flower and smelt its parfum,and  I thought to pull up but I preferred to keep their scent longer. I saw the  and colourful butterfly  fluttering in the playground but it seemed so happy that I hadn't the courage to imprison, and I also saw the fallen pigeon, but when I climbed the tree, and I noticed the sad gaze of its mother, I decided to return to the nest. So, teacher,I have brought with me the parfum of the flower, the sense of freedom of the butterfly and the gratitude which I saw in the eyes of the mother bird. But my question is: How can I show her what I have brought? ".

The teacher thanked the student and gave her the highest mark, considering
that had been the only one able to perceive only what love can bring into our hearts.
So, remember: love is not take, pull up,capture, force, win or lose. "Love is love, is to
remember, is to enjoy and to dream, is to be free and to let others feel free. "

And last but not least I take advantage of this review to say:”I LOVE YOU

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