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Long Face

     In the previous review, we were explaining another kind of face shape. And, this time is the turn to explain the long faces. Although when we imagine a long face, we can imagine an oval face. But it's not the same is very similar to oval shapes, but you tend to have higher cheekbones and a higher forehead. The face appears to be longer than it is wide, and it tends to have a prominent chin.

     TO AVOID: It sounds obvious, but many people with long face wears long hair and it will make your face appears longer. The most appropriate is to keep styles at shoulder-length or above. You must avoid centre partings, as the eye will be taken down the middle of the face, because it will exaggerate your face length. Fringes are good for long faces, as they make a face look more oval. Lip-length bobs shorten the face."

     The most important aspect to take into account if you want to conceal your long face is to create volume on the sides and flee the styles very marked. They should option for soft hair, with layers that give movement to your hair. 

WHAT YOU SHOUD WEAR:It is essential to get a feeling of spaciousness, with bangs and a cut that reaches shoulder height. Seeking maximum volume, curls or permanent are its greatest exponents. It is advisable to wear long straight hair or. Our wedding hairstyle proposal: 

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