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Are You Ready To Be Tanned?

     We are almost in summer and we are thinking in being tanned. In previous reviews, we were speaking about the cares related to our body and in this ocassion we are going to stop in what we must do to be ready, but from our inside.

For it, we have to prepare our skin, before exposing us long hours in the sun.

How can we do it?

      1st Of All. We have to prepare our skin, exfoliating it to get an unirform tanned.

     2nd. Once, we have done it, we have to start our particular operation. For it we need to ingest antioxidants, which we can find in many foods, such as (garlics, strawberries, rasberries,cherries, grapes, kiwis, prunes, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, oranges, lettucescoccoa, spinachs, green tea, onion, meat, fish, corn... ) You will be reading and you aill be asking, very well you are recommendind me this, but why? I'm going to explain you. The antioxidants will help us to our cells to bear in a best way the solar radiation and will help to protect them.

     3rd. Besides these food you have to combine with a good hydration, because the transpiration is higher and the cells are at risk of not having water. Of course, this is important but please REMEMBER NOT SUNBATHING in the most dangerous hours of the day. And always you have a sunbathing , use protection.

     4th. We have to remember to ingest the E-vitamin sice it will help to the use of the a vitamin, since it is the manager of holding our tissues in the best way.

     Last but not least, you should remember we have foods which are more appropriated in winter than in summer.

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