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Are You Ready To Catch Some Rays?

     Now, we are near of our summer holidays and you will probably think to move to a place where you can sunbathe. And the best of all, it is very good and benefitial for our health. I'm going to show you some examples:

1 To avoid the stress.
2 To relax.
3 To rise your self steem.
4 To improve your humour.

And now, we are goin to focus on medical benefits.

1 To provide vitamins our body
2 To reduce some skin illness, such as psoriasis,eczemas or to prevent the osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, all are not good news. In the last times, with the problem of ozone layer, we can take some risks with sunbathing, such as:

1 To produce spots in our skin.
2 To grow older in our skin.
3 It's one of the main factors in acquiring skin cancer.
4 It can produce addiction.
5 it can produce sunburns

But as we know, this can be produced by the excess. Everything as deseved, it is good. Balance is a virtue.

What do I advice you?

First days:
You shouln't sunbathing no more than 15 minutes.
You should avoid the risk hours.
You should use the appropriated factor in your sun cream. You should spread 30 minutes before sunbathing and after you should spread after sun or moisturizing cream.

And last but not least, enjoy with the sun!!

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