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The Battle Of The Bulge

     It's nearer the summer holidays and you are thinking in how many pounds you want to lose. And you are regreting about the famous meals you have eaten...

How can we do it?

     1st. Don't worry. First of all, like other things, do a plan where you are going to write all your goals, but don't do it in general. Set your goals every week, and when you get them, you will feel better, and you can celebrate it, but don't celebrate eating …

     2nd. Lose weight little by little. It is demonstrated, the loss of weight has to be progressive if you lose many pounds the rebound effect  can be terrible. For this reason, please do it little by little. Think before cheating.If you need to indulge in a candy, it is better you do it, but continue with your plan. In fact, I have read about a recent study where some people on diet have been studied. The study consisted on to proof that sweets in the morning don't put on so weight as in other parts of the day.

     3rd. Do five meals at least in a day. You have to take into account, if you eat, you will do that your organism work and in this way it will be able to reduce.If you don't eat, it won't work for you. And remember to drink water.

     4th. Reduce the amount of calories. It's important not to excess the number of calories. The normal calories is 1500. For it, you can help with webs which count the calories of every food.
    5th. Sleep. Don't reduce your sleep hours, it's demonstrated that people, who sleep nine hours, are slimmer.

     6th Practise sport. Of couse, if you gonna be on diet, you must combine with exercise.   

     My advice is to be in fit all the year. If you have got your goal or you are almost, please don't throw in the towel. Rememeber what you have got, and keep on this way.

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