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The Sales Are Here!!.

     As every summer, the sales come and our wish for buying is bigger. I don't know why but i have to go there. But I don't like wasting my money. I have watched many women bacame crazy and they argue with other women because they watch this cloth before, but i hate this kind of events. I'm going to tell you my secret for getting the best prices and not die in the attempt.

What Shoul We Do Before Going Shopping??.

1.    To revise your wardrobe, in this way we will know what we have and what clothes we are interested in.
2.    To do a list of all the clothes we want to buy.
3.    To go to the shops in the worst hours, in this way you should avoid, the screams, histery...
4.    To be sure how much money you are going to invest.
5.    The uniform, you should wear in the sales is a dress and a pair of sandals, in this way you can try more quantity of clothes.

 We Are In The Shops, And Now What??.

1.    To look at properly the quality of the clothes. Many times is very cheap but it lose their colour very soon or the quality of the cloth left a lot to be desired.
2.    It's the moment to to buy the basic clothes as jeans, t-shirts, or what you consider basic in your daily life.
3.    To take advantage of buying the products that in any moment of the year are more expensive.
4.    If you have any doubts with any cloths, I advice you to buy, in your house you can try it and if it doesn't like you can refund it.
5.    Don't invest much money in the clothes which are in fashion.
6.    To look at the magazines, blogs or other  ways to know what the style will be next year in fashion and you can look for it.
7.    To visit all kind of shops.

Enjoy your clothes!!!.

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