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Would You Like To Show Your White Teeth?

     In the last years, this is a very fashionable item. Many actors have whitened their teeth. In occasions, from my point of view, the result is very artificial. It's like the cosmetic surgery, where a little touch is better than a whole change.
     I have watched like the smile is very important but many people hide it, because of they consider their teeth are spotted, or not white enough.

     If this is your problem, I'm going to give you an easy recipe which can change the aspect of your teeth. You have to mix to equal parts all the ingredients. in a glass or what yoy want. The ingredients are lemon juice, peroxide and bicarbonate. Once mixed, you must stir this mixture and before going to bed you can brush your teeth. It is not adviceable to use more than once a week.

Enjoy the results!!

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