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Are You Irritated With Mosquito Bites?

Summer is here, and with the good weather, we meet with some old enemies which we prefer don't know about them.

Personally, i feel irritated, because I am as a magnet for them, because when someone is with me 
and they appear, they always select the same victim, me!!.

I have tried many tricks but they haven't got any result, when you are on the street. This year, one friend of mine has told me a new invent. He has told me “This is the natural solution, and the best of all, it works”.

I haven't tried yet, but I would like to share with you his secret.

You will need:

-1/2 litre of alcohol
-100 grs of cloves
-Jhonson's baby oil or any other type

How do we prepare?

We will soak the alcohol with the cloves for 4 days, in a jar and we will set in a dark and  wet zone of your house, perhaps in a wardrobe..Once the time has spent you will shake the jar and you will add the oil. And the miracle is ready to use and avoid the uncomfortable mosquito bites.

And have a good summer free of mosquitoes!!.

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