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Are you religious? Do you like Easter?

This week is very important for the Christian people because they commemorate the birth and death of Jesus, the son of the God. But, from my humble point of view. When we speak or think about Easter , we are speaking about religion or faith. And I think that faith is something that you have inside and it's not necessary to show the rest of people. For this reason I don't understand very well the concept of Easter.

There are many ways of celebrating this festivity in the world. We are going to comment the most known.

The Philippines: This is the most polemical in the world because every Good Friday one hundred of pentitents are whipped and ten people are crucified and one of these ten will be chosen as the representant of Jesus. And they will represent the Biblical history of Jesus.

Spain: The most known is in the south of Spain, in Andalucia. Exagerated easter, where many people participate in it. It is celebrated with different floats in Holy Week procession, with statues representing parts of Easter Story where many people participate carrying it,or as penitents. The most important of this easter from my point of view is the enormous value of the different sculptures, which have been made by true genius.

Italy: In a Sicilian locality called Trápani is celebrated “The theatre of the misteries” Wheres is represented the arrest, the agony and death of Christ.

Israel: The origin of the easter, because this is the place where all the events happened. Eleven days of celebration where you can attend to different activities as the blessing of the olive branches and the pilgrimage to different places.

Southamerica: We can stand out important places Colombia, Peru , Mexico and Guatemala. They have inherited the Spanish tradition.

In Colombia and Peru and Guatemala is very similar to The Spanish Easter, but the particpants belong to families which have participated in this tradition for ages and is very difficult to participate if you are not a member of these families.

In Mexico is very curious the representation of the arrest with soldiers and spies ride by horse where they look for Jesus from one house to the last house. 

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