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Beautiful Inside & Out

    All the past reviews we have spoken about how to be the most beautiful in our wedding day, but we have only spoken about the hairstyle, wedding dress or the pat that everybody can see. But today is the turn of focusing on how to feel beautiful inside. This part which is reserved to the groom or bride. Because we have to consider the different types of couples...

    Anyway, one aspect very important is the underwear. And like the reviews before we are going to to make the most of our possibilities from inside. For it, we are going to take into account the different types of wedding dress, and in this way, we are going to recommend you the best option for this.

1st Empire wedding dress: If you remember we advise this dress for girls whose body has a triangle or pear shape.But,which is the best underwear??.

2nd Strapless dress: This is the best option for hourglass body shape: this could be a proposal for this kind of bodies. When we find this kind of dresses, we can think, it could not be a good idea because I'm not going to find a good result with my underwear. But it is not true. Nowadays we can find in the market, thousand of models. I'm going to show you different models for this kind of backless.

 3rd Laced/flounced/pleated/gathered gowns for the rectangle body shape: As you know, people who own this kindt of body is very lucky, because they fit well, all kind of dresses. For this reason, I'm going to look for the most difficult dresses for finding the best undewear. 

4th Mermaid wedding dresses: For inverted triangle shape, and the best option for this kind of wedding. I think it could be a corset or a bra, but I think that is better option a bra sice this kind of dress are more uncomfortables. I would advise you a balcony bra

    One advice is to avoid the nude colour, because it is not going to stand out out you.

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