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The Art Of Tattoos

     The previous review I wrote about the different aspects which you must take into account if you decide to do a tattoo. And, in this occasion, i'd like to speak other aspects of tattoos, the art of tattoos. As i told you it has changed the view of people who have tattoos, but it doesn't mean that it is an esthetic but a fashion. But in many cases the tattoos are really artwork. As you can watch this image. It could be a picture in an art gallery.

     But, noy only as a fashion or as an aethetic which is identified with different urban tribes. Tattoos can help people, with different esthetic problems, such as scars, stretch marks or other problems...
In many occasion the strecht marks are a problem in women, due to the  current society, as worried by, we show as a tattoo, it can change the complex.

     The result of a surgery intenvention with a looks like funny when it could be an ugly mark, now it has a different aspect.

     But the most significant case of tattoo which I know this is.It is a tattoo of a woman who has been cut their busts, due to the terrible enemy of cancer. In this case, I consider it a really artwork,
and a great show of her courage for living.

Do you consider tattos as an artwork or a fashion?

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