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Do You Like Tattoos?

In the last years, the perception of people who had tattoos ,has changed. Every time is more normal but, do you agree with this fashion?
Of course, if you decide to have a tattoo, you will have to bear in your mind different aspects such as:

1st.The Design.

a. Be original. You must choose a design, which you identify with. Because you can regret because it was only a thing that represents a moment of your life or simply because you were imitating someone.

b. If you want that your design is the only, you will have probably to pay an extra money or you can design it.

c. Pay attention if you decide to tattoo the name of your boy/girlfriend. Maybe, they aren't for ever.      

2nd.The Establishment.

You must choose the best place to do it. Don't spare no expense. Your health could be in danger. You shoud be sure that it has health license. I tell you this because illness as aids or hepatitis can be trasmitted in these kind of establishments if it does not obey the law.

 3rd.The Tatoo's Place

Other important aspect is to decide the place where you are going to tattoo, because in the case of women if they tattoo in places such as belly and after they are pregnant. Its tattoo will change.

4th.Your Ability To Heal

This is very important, if you have problems in your system of healing, maybe you should avoid to tattoo.If this is your case, you must tell it to your tattoer  and you should do a proof and watch as your body react.

5th.The Season.

You must consider this aspect because the sun will be your enemy while your tattoo is healing, for this reason I recommend you to do in winter.

All the aspects related to the healing of the tattoo will be explained you in the establishment.

And last but not least, if you are not sure, maybe it can be a good idea to wait for your decission or to do a temporary tattoo.

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