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Make-up For The Wedding Day

It's true that this day, we want all things are perfect: the dress, hairstyle and of course the make-up. The importance of the make-up will have a special importance this day, due to the photos. We have to bear in mind that this day, the temperature, illumination, kisses and huges can modify our make-up, and it will be reflected in our photos. For it, it is advisable this day, our make-up was done by a professional.

 We must take into account different aspects:

 1st: We should do a colour study, from the shoes until the hairstyle and do the make-up holding the armony.

2nd: You should choose a make-up according to your personality, but you will feel disguised.

3rd: The golden rule, you must use a natural make-up.

How to get it?

    As you can watch in the image, the naturality is the main characteristic. If ou want to stand out something, you can choose your eyes or your lips, but not lips and eyes. The ideal is you have your skin a little tanned, but if it is not possible, the make-up will do for you. The foundation should be light with peach shades, that is, it must result you are not made-up. If you decide to stand your eyes out, one idea could be to make-up with smokey eyes style. But if you are going to use this style,you must  remember to take into account the colours you are going to use. Other detail coulde be combine the colour of your necklace with your nails, or what you prefer.

But always, be yourself!!

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